Repetitive Driving Injury: Part 1 - The Multitasker

Many of us spend a good couple of hours a day in the car, commuting to work or picking up kids and running errands.

Have you thought of how your seat position may be affecting your neck and low back?

According to statistics, 14 million of us are affected by what is referred to by some as Repetitive Driving Injury!

We will be posting over the next four days the driving positions that are most commonly used alongside what problems you can get and the solutions to counteract these.

Have a look and, most importantly, which one are you?!



You are most likely to suffer with headaches and eye strain, feet cramp and pain in the coccyx.

- 45% of Multi-Taskers drive for work but they should try not to use the car as an office
- Twisting to access paperwork and the laptop can be more damaging to your back and neck than driving
- Regularly adjust your seat on long journeys driving to help your coccyx
- Use a 'hands-free' mobile phone kit
- Consider changing to an automatic car to avoid constant gear changes and keep two hands on the wheel whilst driving