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Leading multi-disciplinary practice in Timperley, Altrincham providing osteopathy for all the family across Cheshire and Manchester.

The Village Osteopaths

Awarded Best Osteopathy Clinic 2019 - Cheshire in Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2019 by GHP News.

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Everyone puts you at you ease.
The therapists are also patient and cheerful and tailor their treatment specifically to you.
I look forward to every visit, not only do I feel better but I enjoy a friendly chat and a coffee!
— Eirlys K.
The Village Osteopaths

About Us

The Village Osteopaths is located in Timperley Village and is a leading multi-disciplinary health clinic specialising in osteopathy for all the family.

Located next to Altrincham in Cheshire and South Manchester our patients travel from across the North West; from Staffordshire to Cumbria and Derbyshire to North Wales - for directions click here.

Meet The Team

Warm, friendly clinic

We welcome patients of all ages, from babies through to the elderly, and you can relax in our waiting room with a hot or cold drink in our warm, friendly clinic.

Our osteopaths ensure you receive high quality care and carefully consider each patients needs and individually tailor a treatment plan to bring you long-term benefits and pain relief.


What Is Osteopathy?

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a physical therapy, meaning it uses hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilisation, stretching and more to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Osteopaths view the body as a whole; meaning, the body is an interconnected unit so pain and discomfort is likely the result of problems elsewhere in the body.

Osteopaths focus on your acute problem - the pain - before looking into the root cause of why this pain has occurred. Their primary focus is fixing the underlying cause of the problem to establish long term pain relief for patients.

Osteopathy Treatments

Treating Injuries & Conditions

Osteopathy treats a range of injuries and conditions, from acute injuries to chronic and long-term conditions and illnesses.

The Village Osteopaths has had great success in helping patients return to their daily lives after suffering from debilitating pain.

Osteopathy Pricing & Insurance

Pricing & Insurance

The Village Osteopaths has a simple pricing structure for osteopathy, treating patients from as young as 4 days old to people in their nineties.

We accept cash, credit and debit cards in addition to most Health and Medical Insurance providers.

The Village Osteopaths Team

Meet Our Team

We have a dedicated team of osteopaths who always go the extra mile for their patients.

See our team and learn more about their specialities.

I have been put back together a number of times with different injuries by the team at The Village Osteopaths. I can’t recommend them or osteopathy higher.
— James S.

Mums & Babies

Specialists in treating mums and babies

Specialists in treating mums and babies

Our osteopaths help guide a pregnant ladies through the rapid bodily changes made during pregnancy. We then help their bodies recover from the stresses and strains of labour and birth.

We also specialise in paediatrics; helping to relieve any stresses and strains in babies to help make them happy, content and able to sleep comfortably.

Mum & Baby Osteopathy

Mum & Baby Section

We have a team specialised in paediatrics / infant osteopathy and pre and post natal osteopathy for mum’s.

For more information on please click the following link to head to our dedicated Mum & Baby Section.

I first had treatment for SPD in pregnancy and brought my new born in for treatment as he had difficulty sleeping. I had real relief from the agonising pain and my boy was able to sleep comfortably after a couple of treatments. I am expecting again and have already booked in for treatment, I wouldn’t think about going anywhere else!
— Samantha

The Perrin Technique

South Manchester & Cheshire

The Perrin Technique

Diagnosis & Treatment

The Village Osteopaths is the only clinic in South Manchester and Cheshire providing treatment for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia using The Perrin Technique.

Our Principal Osteopath Collette Bourke is an Advanced Perrin Technique Practitioner, training and working alongside Dr Raymond Perrin since 2005. She was awarded Excellence in the practice of The Perrin Technique in 2012.

For more information please click the following link to head to our dedicated The Perrin Technique section.


Calling up for an appointment is no hassle and they are always prompt in returning any voicemails. The new booking system is really simple and effective at reminding me about an appointment!
— Marie. B

You can make an appointment with us over the phone by calling 0161 711 0450.

You can also use our online booking system to make an appointment - just follow the options below.



The clinic is easy to find and the free parking is really handy.
— Roy J.
The Village Osteopaths Address


379 Stockport Road

Timperley Village


WA15 7UR



Timperley has free parking throughout the village.

There is 1 hour no return parking in front of the next row of shops.

‘Thorley Lane Car Park’ is a 90 second walk from the clinic and is situated behind the Co-op. It is free for 3 hours - the postcode is WA15 7UN.


Timperley is a thriving commuter village next to Altrincham is easily accessible for people travelling by car from Manchester and Cheshire directions.

You can travel to The Village Osteopaths from Altrincham, Manchester and Stockport on the bus - as there is a bus stop right outside the clinic.

Alternatively you can get the Metrolink on the Altrincham Line and depart at Timperley Metrolink Station. The clinic is a 20 minute walk into Timperley Village.

To get the train depart at Altrincham Station and you can get a bus or taxi or Navigation Road Station where it is a 25 minute walk or there is a taxi rank at the end of the platform.