Infrared Sauna

We have one of the only Infrared Saunas available in Manchester and Cheshire in our our detox room.

The Infrared light heats your body, not the surrounding air, and starts to detox your body from a cellular level. Results are backed up by medical research with positive findings for:

Weight loss & increased metabolism

Muscle pain relief

Boosting your immune system


Improves appearance of cellulite

Easing joint pain & stiffness

Reducing fatigue

Improving your skin

Each session is 45 minutes; up to 30 minutes in the sauna and 15 minutes to get changed. The cost of the session is £20 per session and we do offer bulk discounts as well.

The room has a lock on the door, a medical couch to rest on, towels and body wipes, as we don’t have a shower, unfortunately.