Move Into Motherhood

Move Into Motherhood

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Move Into Motherhood

4 treatments for only £160


Move Into Motherhood is an osteopathy care plan for expectant mothers and is the perfect preparation to ensure their body is healthy and prepared for labour.

It makes for a wonderful gift, enabling expectant mother’s to take time out of their busy schedules to focus on themselves and ensure they are healthy. This in turn will aid the health of the new baby and at the final appointment he or she will have a health check too, so both mum and baby can have the healthiest start possible.

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How can osteopathy help in pregnancy?

Osteopathy Treatment can help with many pregnancy related aches and pains, SPD, helping the baby’s lying position and pelvic alignment for the best chance of an uncomplicated labour.

When can I have treatment?

Whilst expectant mothers can have osteopathy treatment at any point in the pregnancy, Move into Motherhood is a treatment plan advised from 20 weeks to address typical pregnancy related aches and pains with appointments scheduled at specific intervals for our specialist osteopath, Hannah Hilton, to assess and treat you.

Treatment 1 - Preparation

From 20 - 28 weeks.

Our osteopath will assess to check your pelvis and spine are aligned and that both, including the surrounding muscles and connective tissues, have full mobility to prepare for an uncomplicated delivery.

Treatment 2 - Positioning

33 - 35 weeks.

An appointment after 32 weeks is designed to assess your baby’s lying position. If they are breach, or their head is not down, we can work through the pelvis to create space and encourage the baby to turn.

Treatment 3 - Final Stretch

36 weeks onward.

A thorough examination to assess whether any small adjustments to help with pelvic alignment is needed to help promote an uncomplicated labour and birth. Treatment and advice will be given to prepare you for the labour and aftercare.

Treatment 4 - Mum & Baby

After-birth - when you feel comfortable.

A post-natal treatment for mum, ensuring recovery from the birth is going smoothly and assessing where treatment can help ease any aches and pains.

We can also help prepare you for the coming months such as aches and pains associated with breastfeeding positions, carrying baby equipment and other factors that can put strain on the body.

We will also check your new-born is not suffering with any discomfort or tension following the birth.

With appointments for both you and your baby after the birth, we work to help both you and your little one have the best start to your lives together.