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Pregnancy sees a mother’s body undergoing a lot of change in 9 months before giving birth, which in turn puts a great deal of stress and strain on the body.

The amount of physical and hormonal changes experienced in those short 9 months leaves the body playing catch up with mothers experiencing sore, tired muscles, pelvic pain and misalignment following labour and giving birth.

After birth mothers also experience issues with the increased physical workload, from back pain from breastfeeding and lifting your baby, and injuries related to carrying cumbersome items such as car seats, buggies and changing bags.


Osteopathy for new mums

The hormone 'relaxin' remains in the mother’s postnatal body, especially whilst breast feeding. So a mother’s joints, ligaments and muscles are more susceptible to injury and pain as the body is in this less supported state.

A post-natal osteopathy check after your baby arrives can also help you to recover from the birth. Treatment is aimed at gently easing sore and tired muscles and re-balancing the pelvis. It can also help to ease back pain from breast feeding and lifting your baby.

Our osteopaths help a mother’s body recover; allowing them to embrace their new role of being a mother without any distraction from aches and pains. Osteopathy for new mums therefore can help with:

  • Assessing your pelvis and treating to restore pelvic alignment

  • Helping guide your body to regain your strength and flexibility

  • Treating joint , muscle and ligament aches and pains

  • Advice on breastfeeding positions for optimal comfort for you and your baby


Osteopathy For Mums

Those early months after the birth will be filled with love, recuperation and lack of sleep!

Taking a little time to focus on yourself as a mother can be really beneficial, especially as your body is put under different stresses and strains which form the part of a modern-day mother.

Our Post Natal Osteopathy care looks to help guide your body to recover quickly. Mother’s routinely book in for appointments following aches and pains caused by the following scenarios:

  • Holding the baby in the feeding position for long periods of time

  • Carrying your little one in one arm and with a changing bag round the other shoulder

  • General multitasking whilst carrying a baby

  • Lifting and carrying car seats

  • Pushing and lifting pram’s, buggies and travel cots

  • Bending to lower your little one into a cot with sides