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Osteopathy and The Elderly

Having been to a physio and chiropractor with sciatica in the past, I saw real improvements with osteopathy at The Village Osteopaths.
— Denis K.

Osteopathy helps people of over retirement age to adapt to physical changes they are experiencing as they get older.

Getting older is a fact of life and unfortunately you will experience more wear and tear. But getting older does not mean you have to compromise on your mobility and standard of life. 


How can osteopathy help elderly patients?

As we get older our spine deteriorates and this has a knock on effect over joints and muscles throughout our musculoskeletal system.

You posture changes and can cause great strain on surrounding muscles and joints.

For example the deterioration in the spine can lead to a ‘hunching’ of your thoracic spine, so by just holding your head up has increased strain on your upper back and neck joints and muscles.

Osteopaths can help improve this deteriorating posture through soft tissue massage techniques that gently stretch muscles and connective tissues to relieve the strain in the vertebrae and other joints. 


How can osteopathy help arthritis?

With getting older there is the increased likelihood of developing arthritis.

There are different types of arthritis but in a nutshell developing arthritis will result in stiffness and soreness in joints that can be debilitating and impact your daily life.

There is no cure for arthritis but don’t be put off by people telling you that nothing can be done to help.

Osteopathy can ease arthritis symptoms, such as pain, swelling and stiffness in joints which gives patients greater comfort and can restore some joint mobility.

Osteopathy for arthritis is gentle and non-invasive, involving soft tissue and stretching techniques to ease pain and increase movement in joints, surrounding muscles and tissues.

Stretching and guiding the stiff joint thorough its range of movement.

The same attention is given to associated tissues and muscles around the joint to ensure they are functioning properly and not suffering adversely from arthritis.

Your osteopath can also give you advice on daily stretching exercises and routines to maintain your range of movement in your joint and prevent deterioration.