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Osteopathy and Sport

As a regular road runner I have been coming to The Village Osteopaths regularly to help keep up with my training.

I am happy to recommend their services as I have stayed injury free for nearly two years thanks to their help.
— Tom A.

Osteopathy is both preventative and reactive. Meaning, professional athletes and sports men and women seek osteopathic treatment to help prevent injury as well as using osteopathy to aid in their rehabilitation from injury.

Your osteopath can also advise on your diet and exercise routines to help in your recovery from injury and injury prevention. 


Osteopathy and sports injury prevention

The reality is that sports injuries are inevitable at some point of a professional or amateur athlete’s career and muscular injuries can impose a lengthy lay off.

Athletes are successfully using osteopathy to keep their bodies in optimum physical shape in order to prevent injuries from occurring.

Your osteopath will identify any muscular, connective tissue or joint problems and will assess whether these are having wider implications in your body.

Your osteopath will treat these problems accordingly using physical manipulation, muscle stretching and massage to ensure your body is in its optimum state so you can perform to your full capacity.


Osteopathy and sports injuries

A large number of sports injuries occur as a result of not warming up before physical activity, warming down afterwards or as a result of overuse of a particular muscle or joint.

Osteopaths use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage in their treatment.

The combination of techniques enables osteopaths to bring about structural balance, to improve joint mobility and relieve muscle tension or soft tissue restrictions by enhance the blood and nerve supply to muscles and connective tissues.

All these together promote a full rehabilitation without any pain or structural restrictions.

Alongside the general reduction in flexibility and movement in muscles the most typical sports injuries treated are:

Knee injury

Hip injury

Ankle injury

Foot injuries

Muscle strain

Ligament injury


Back pain