Osteopathy and Pregnancy

I developed sever back pain quite quickly from my second to third trimester with SPD. I saw Collette and with regular treatment the pain eased and she readied my body for labour - which was long but uncomplicated!
— Natalie M.

Osteopathy during your pregnancy helps to relieve and prevent symptoms of your rapidly changing body to give you a pain free and comfortable pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses you will see your body changing by the day and osteopathy can help your body cope with these changes to ensure you are in the right shape structurally for a natural birth. 

Osteopathy after your pregnancy can also help with your body's continued changes. Ensuring you are structurally in tune will aid in your body adapting to life with a baby outside of the body!



Pre Natal Osteopathy helps pregnant women with those pregnancy aches and pains. These are caused by the body struggling with the rapid physical, chemical and emotional changes occurring whilst your baby grows, putting your muscles, joints and connective tissues under extra pressure.
The hormone 'relaxin' is released which helps the pelvic joints relax enough to make way for the baby. Unfortunately this hormone affects the whole body leaving joints vulnerable to injury and strain.
Pre Natal Osteopathy is particularly advised at this time to help your body adapt and ensure the expectant mother's safety by reducing the chance of injury.
The Village Osteopaths advises Pre Natal Osteopathy throughout pregnancy as a preventative measure; however, if you are not undertaking preventative treatment you are strongly advised to seek treatment at the first sign of trouble. 
Osteopathy reduces and improves:

Aches and pains


Breathing difficulties and rib pain

Numbness and pins & needles


Sciatic pain

Puts your pelvis and rest of the body in the optimum state to aid an uncomplicated effective labour



The change in a woman's body during pregnancy and the strain of the birth itself means it can take a while for the body to cover. Post Natal Osteopathy is recommended to:

  • Ensure your body returns back into shape in the correct way quickly
  • Help you regain your strength and flexibility
  • Checks and corrects any remaining strains in the back and pelvis

The hormone 'relaxin' remains in the body postnatally, especially when breast feeding. Your joints are more susceptible to injury and pain in this less supported state.

This is exacerbated when carrying out daily, unavoidable new mum tasks such as the following:

  • Holding the baby in the feeding position for long periods of time
  • Bending to lower a baby into a cot with sides
  • Lifting and carrying car seats
  • Pushing and lifting a pram

Our Post Natal Osteopathy care is designed to aid in a quick recovery and to adapt your body back to an optimum state of health and alignment.