We see a great number of babies and children at The Village Osteopath with our Paediatric Osteopath.

The Village Osteopath practitioners use both Cranial Osteopathy and Structural Osteopathy techniques to treat babies and children and we see a great deal of success.

Many of the techniques used have been adapted by our Principal Osteopath, Collette Nelstrop, to make them flexible and usable in different positions.

This is aimed at making the treatment less stressful for the parent and child. For example they can be used on babies whilst mother is breast feeding or even on energetic toddlers who want to do anything but lie still!

Our Timperley clinic is child and baby friendly and we regularly welcome pre and post natal ladies, babies and children. Our clinic is adapted to entertain children with toys and colourful props to reduce anxiety and enable effective treatment. 



Birth is one of the most stressful events of our lives.

The baby’s head and body sustain massive forces during the birth process. Sometimes these forces leave mechanical strains in the head and body which can cause:

Sleeping difficulties

Excessive crying 

Colic symptoms

Reduction in the frequency of dirty nappies

Plagiocaphaly (flattened head)

These may even lead to various developmental delays

Paediatric osteopathy is effective in helping babies with these problems.

Paediatric osteopaths often use ‘cranial’ techniques which is a gentle but effective treatment for babies.

As a baby's head and body is soft and malleable they tend to respond to osteopathic treatment very well.



As children grow older, problems may become apparent due to earlier strains or due to inevitable falls or knocks on the head. Mechanical strains on the body can be an important factor in cases such as:

Recurrent throat/chest/urinary infections

Recurrent infections of the ear (glue ear)

Delayed speech

Educational difficulties

Problems with co-ordination and physical development

Paediatric osteopathy is adaptable and flexible to your children and can be carried out even if they don't want to sit still!