Herbal Medicine in Timperley

with Marie Mulcahy

Medical Herbalists treat a range of conditions by using medical diagnostic skills alongside prescribing herbal medicines. 

Marie Mulcahy is trained to a BSC level with the degree including anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, clinical practice and differential diagnose pathology.

Her broad skillset is applied in the same way as an orthodox pharmacist, but a Medical Herbalist she uses Herbal medicines instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

Your consultation will be centred on your current/past health and medications, before physical examinations including blood pressure and pulse.

You are advised to bring any recent medical investigation reports, GP details and a list of current medications, including contraceptives, supplements and current herbal medicine.

You will leave with a tailor-made treatment plan, including nutrition and lifestyle advice, whilst your herbal prescription will take a couple of days to create.

Typically herbs are made into tea, herbal tinctures - herbs are extracted in water or alcohol – or other carriers like topical creams.

What does Herbal Medicine help with?

  • Joints and Bones
  • Hormonal Health
  • Heart and Circulation
  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Fatigue Syndromes
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Emotional Health
  • Digestion
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Skin Disorders

I would like to make an appointment to see Marie Mulcahy, the Medical Herbalist.

You can contact Marie on 07481864579 and via email on urbanbasedherbalist@gmail.com.

You can also visit her website for more information on www.urbanbasedherbalist.com. Marie's appointments and pricing are as follows:

First Consultation: 1-1½ hours - £50

Follow-up Consultations: 30 Minutes - £35