Vitamin D Deficiency

Did you know that living in the UK, especially at this time of year when we haven't had much sun on your skin, it is 97% likely that you have a Vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D is required for a healthy immune system and a deficiency has been linked to over 17 cancers, poor bone density, depression, low moods, tiredness, and hormone imbalances.

New research, released in the last few days, has highlighted the benefits of Vitamin D in slowing down the progression of Multiple Sclerosis in sufferers.

At The Village Osteopaths we offer a holistic approach to health and sell various supplements and have just re-stocked 'Better Health' Vitamin D spray (£6.99) to help with Vitamin D deficiency.

We have had great reviews from patients about this product, with one peppermint flavoured spray a day under the tongue (where it is best absorbed) will easily correct any Vitamin D deficiency. One tube should last 3 months, so hopefully all winter!

One of our osteopaths decided to trial the spray for 6 weeks after being found Vitamin D deficient and, as you can see from a blood test report, is living proof the supplement is safe and effective.