Osteopathy & Running: Post-marathon rehabilitation

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Our Principal Osteopath Collette Bourke expands on a question preparing for a marathon.

Collette Bourke

Even with the best training and preparation, there is no hiding from the fact that a marathon takes a lot out of your body. After your body recovers from the event niggles, acute pain and stiffness as well as any other issues don’t present themselves immediately. 

Osteopathy helps post-marathon runners by assessing the body to identify any tensions or strains that could be causing you discomfort or that could manifest into a greater problem. So, it is a good idea to see an Osteopath after the marathon for assessment and treatment to identify any tensions or strains before providing treatment.

Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment; we loosen tight muscles, tendons and ligaments, and release stiff joints using tailored massage and manipulation techniques. We always tailor treatment to you, individually. This just means we don’t use a general routine, we take your medical history and condition into consideration to provide effective treatment.

Whether or not you are going to put your feet up or if the next endurance test or marathon is around the corner, osteopathy will help your body to recover quicker and ensure you are in tiptop condition for your next challenge! 

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