Osteopathy & Running - National Running Day 2015

Don’t ignore any aches and pains so that National Running Day is the only day you are able to run on.

When running each foot will come into contact with the ground roughly 80 to 100 times per minute. As a result runners can experience muscular aches and pains, strains and joint pains in the lower limbs, as well as hip pain / pelvic pain and back pain.

Running and Osteopathy Altrincham

From professional athletes to gym and fitness enthusiast, osteopathy can help keep runners on the right track with their health and injury management.

Osteopathy is effective for the treatment and management of all sports and at The Village Osteopaths in Timperley we aid many patients in diagnosing a problem and treating the symptoms to return you to full health and back running.

Your osteopath can work with by assessing the relationship between your muscle, limb and spine function. By making adjustments and recommendations our osteopaths can help prevent injury and ensure you can reach your running goals.