Osteopathy & Running: Fail to prepare... Prepare To Fail

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Our Principal Osteopath Collette Bourke expands on a question preparing for a marathon.

Collette Bourke

Running a marathon is a test of endurance that requires both physical and mental strength. This makes marathon runners enthusiastic, competitive but also eager. It is this eagerness and drive than can push runners to take on too much, too soon.

Even with a carefully managed plan, it is easy to overwork and overstrain muscles and joints like ankles, knees, hips and your back due to the nature of running. The warning signs often go unnoticed before the injury surfaces, a lot of the time in the most innocuous ways. This is where osteopathy comes in. 

Osteopathy identifies and prevents injuries from occurring through physical assessments and hands on treatment. Osteopathy is used increasingly by professional athletes to minimise the chance of injury and to save athletes picking up injuries and missing events through rehabilitation. It enables athletes to maintain peak physical condition and maximise their performance,

As an osteopath I would assess your joints, muscles and ligaments to pinpoint a potential injury and will look to treat using a combination of massage and manipulation techniques tailored to your specific problem. The goal is to prevent the injury occurring, so you can continue running, reach your goals and maintain optimum performance.

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