Osteopathy & Rugby Part IV: How can osteopathy help rugby injuries?

Osteopathy uses a combination of preventative treatment through biomechanical analysis and therapy for rugby players.

By improving the muscoskeletal structure of a player’s body osteopathy can enhance performance and keep the body functioning on an optimal level.

Through specific diagnosis and treatment, it improves the rehabilitation of typical rugby injuries and helps prevent small discomforts from turning into severe injury.

Potential injuries or problems can also be identified by an osteopathic evaluation prior to playing rugby, thereby minimising the possibility of sustaining this type of injury through treatment and advice.

This may be advising on more position-specific running drills, in conjunction with resistance training, will reduce the probability of injury, especially in those players with biomechanical imbalances.

Additionally, but most importantly, it is crucial to pay attention to those niggling aches and pains, especially chronic pain which hasn’t subsided for a prolonged period of time.

Pain means there is a problem – reoccurring pain means there is an underlying problem that needs attention.

Osteopathy can identify and treat a specific problem but will look to solve why the problem has occurred in the first place - therefore developing a long term solution so re-occurrences are not on the agenda.