Meet Your Paediatric Osteopath - Kate Dewhurst

I see babies for a wide variety of issues. For example, a patient brought her 6 week old baby to see me due to difficulty breast feeding and sleeping. She was finding that sometimes her baby could feed well, but other times they seemed generally unsettled which was then leading to issues sleeping.

From a case history and examination we found that the feeding issue was only when feeding on one side and that there was some tension in the babies neck. This tension may have been causing discomfort for the baby, meaning they could happily feed on one side but less relaxed on the other.

After two sessions of Osteopathy, in which we worked to reduce this tension and help relax the baby, we found that feeding had improved. The mum also reported that they were sleeping better since coming in for treatment.

After qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy I quickly became interested in working with Mums and babies, which led me to complete a postgraduate course in Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Practice where I also found I really enjoy being able to work with mums. I help their bodies adapt to the changes that come with pregnancy and reduce any tensions in preparation for labour. Looking after mums and babies together is especially rewarding; helping to relax the body and soothe symptoms so that they can feel comfortable and enjoy their time together.

Happy patient experiences make my job so incredibly fulfilling, especially being able to help mums to get some much needed sleep, as well as their babies!