iBad Posture and Neck Pain

Do you suffer from poor posture? Or are you suffering from neck pain?

Due to the development of mobile phones, tablets and other devices from the likes of Apple, and Google there has been a marked increase in poor posture and problems relating to the vertebrae.

The image on shows that humans have developed 9 new postures due to our increased phone and tablet usage.

Equally, as this article in the Daily Mail shows, texting is having a real impact on young people's necks - dubbed as 'text neck':


Osteopathy treats poor posture and your osteopath treats neck pain. Osteopathy can help with the likes of text neck by relieving strain felt in the muscles with massage and exercises to strengthen affected areas - to stop deterioration occurring again.

If you have not tried to treat neck pain with osteopathy, or perhaps you haven't considered that your osteopathy can help with poor posture - don't hesitate to find out the benefits of osteopathy at The Village Osteopaths.

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