Back Pain in Ladies - 'Poshitis'


Do you suffer from 'Poshitis'? Looking glam with your one strapped handbag but feeling the consequence with a stiff shoulder or shoulder pain?

It may be trendy but actually carrying your bag on one shoulder can cause severe damage to muscles and joints.

As you can see from this picture, when carrying your bag on one side your shoulder is lifted and your body is shifting away to compensate.

In time it can lead to neck and back pain, repetitive strain injuries, postural misalignments, headaches and even arthritis.

Here are some helpful tips for you to stay ‘on trend’ the smart way:
- Select a handbag that is proportionate to your size
- Swap straps from one shoulder to another, regularly giving muscles on either side a time to rest
- A bag with wide straps will better distribute the pressure on one shoulder
- Look for bags with multiple pockets so you can divide your things evenly inside
- Only carry what you need in your bag... How often have people said to you 'have you got a brick in here?!’
- For minimal strain wear a bag which has a strap diagonally over the body or a backpack style over both shoulders (geek chic is in remember!)
- Do some gentle stretching and strengthening exercises for your shoulder and neck muscles, such as swinging your arms, rolling your shoulders and turning your head from side to side
- See an osteopath to reverse any stiff shoulder pains, trains, tightness or misalignment and for further advice