Back Pain - Advice

Back pain in Timperley? Don't suffer! Make this the week you do something about it. Our experienced osteopaths can help you!

Osteopaths give advice on many areas to avoid day to day causes of your back pain in Timperley - one unexpected cause of problems is your bed! Is your bed helping or is it part of your back problem?

Here is some bedtime advice to ensure your body is as refreshed as you are in the morning:

- Most mattresses need to be turned at least once every 3 months. Memory foam should be rotated. Get someone to help to avoid back strain

- Your mattress should be supportive enough to take your body weight without sagging yet comfy enough to cushion the body's bony curves

- Don't be shy to lie on a on a showroom bed for 20 minutes. It is the only way to know if it is right. You'll be on it at night for much longer!

- A heavy mattress needs a strong base. Best to buy both together but if not ask advice from the salesman. Ideally try together before you buy

- If your partner is a restless sleeper, make sure you have a big enough bed to avoid the kicks and elbows!

- If you and your partner are very different weight/heights consider a zip and link bed. Different mattress types on both sides for duel support

- Ensure good ventilation and hygiene of mattress and covers to allow for evaporation of perspiration and avoid aggravation of asthma and allergies

- If you sleep on your side, help back pain by putting a pillow between your knees. This keeps your spine straight whilst sleeping

- If you sleep on your back, put a pillow under your knees to help maintain the normal curve of your lower back. keep a pillow under your head

- Sleeping on your front puts lots of strain on your back and neck. Use a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen if you must!

- Don’t stay in bed too long, it may increase muscle stiffness and back pain in the morning. When you wake up, roll on your side to get out

Most importantly, take time to find out what is actually causing your pain to correct the real problem by seeing an osteopath. They can prescribe exercises and stretches that can stretches can help with your Timperley back pain.