#askyourosteopath - I’ve been told I have osteoarthritis in my hip and it is chronic… What does this actually mean and can osteopathy help?

Our Associate Osteopath Freya Gilmore answers a patient's question on whether osteopathy can help osteoarthritis...

Chronic means persistent or longstanding, but it doesn’t mean nothing can be done to reduce the symptoms in your hip. Osteoarthritis, like all forms of arthritis, can be treated using osteopathy to ‘manage’ your condition, with a view to reduce pain and improve your daily life.

I would use hands on treatment to improve your hip joint's range of movement as more movement means less pain and stiffness. So, I would look at using massage on muscles around the hip joint to ensure they are not restricting your movement and I would also look to manually ‘move’ your joint.

This means I would look to, say, hold your leg and move it in a natural way so the hip joint is being used and is completing full rotation. Doing this, alongside the massage techniques, should reduce pain and improve your movement in the affected joint.

With osteoarthritis being chronic, I would advise a regular osteopathy appointment to maintain your increased movement and your reduced pain. It may be more work can be done further up into your back to improve your posture by reducing any stiffness and limited movement in the spine which, in turn, will reduce pressure on your hip.

In terms of frequency of any appointments, it will depend on your condition and I can advise on this if you were to see me in clinic.

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Freya Gilmore - Associate Osteopath
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