#askyourosteopath - I’m running the Manchester Marathon, how could Osteopathy help me?

#askyourosteopath - Our osteopaths answer your questions!

Our Principal Osteopath Collette Bourke answers a question about the upcoming Manchester Marathon.

Collette Bourke

Firstly, congratulations on undertaking such a challenge and yes Osteopathy can help you prepare to train to your fullest potential, avoid injuries, and recover after the event. 

Osteopathy is increasingly used for preventing injury as well as rehabilitating injury and we can help in the following ways (click the title to head through to a more detailed explanation):

1)   Fail to prepare – prepare to fail!

Runners are enthusiastic and competitive, but eagerness to reach their goals means some will do too much, too soon. You can easily overwork and overstrain ankles, knees, hips and the back by starting intensive training without considering the impact it has on your body. One of the jobs of an Osteopath is to fully assess your joints, muscles and ligaments to identify a potential injury so we can provide treatment to prevent the injury from occurring.

2)   We help you achieve your personal best!

As an osteopath I am focused on getting your body 100% healthy. The body, like a well-oiled machine, only runs effectively and efficiently when all the parts are in good condition and are working well together. As a runner, this means I would be looking to ensure your muscles, ligaments and tendons are healthy and your joints are moving without restriction, so you can reach your goals.

3)   Post-Marathon Rehabilitation

Even with the best training and preparation, there is no hiding from the fact that a marathon takes a lot out of your body. Often niggles don’t present themselves immediately, so it is a good idea to see an Osteopath after the run so any tensions or strains can be picked up and treated. This helps your body to recover so you’re in tiptop condition for your next challenge!

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