Collette Nelstrop


Principle Osteopath

Special interests: Back Pain, Pelvic Pain, Pre & Post Natal, Babies, ME/CFS

I have been seeing Collette for over 7 years and have been to other osteopaths before and during (due to maternity leave!) but they do not come close.

Collette is a real ambassador for the profession. She is professional, thorough and sympathetic. Her treatment is always effective and her advice is always helpful.

I cannot thank her enough or recommend her higher.
— Susan C.

Collette is an experienced osteopath, graduating from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in 2005.

Collette specialises in pediatrics, pregnant and post-natal women; however, Collette enjoys treating patients of any gender or age for a wide range of ailments and conditions, from back pain to headaches.

Collette became a licensed Perrin Practitioner in 2005 for the specialist Perrin Technique, treating ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia. 

Collette was awarded the Excellence in the Perrin Technique Gold Certificate in 2012 for her work and expertise in the field.

Collette is Bupa, Aviva and WPA registered and accepts patients with this insurance.


Mark Dale

BSc Ost

Associate Osteopath
Special Interests: Back Pain, Neck Pain & Discal Injuries

Mark is thorough and incredibly helpful in his advice. His treatments are effective and have enabled me to resume my day to day routine without pain or limitations. Thank you!
— Patrick B.

Mark currently lectures osteopathy at Staffordshire University and has an interest in all health issues, but holds a particuar interest in mechanical issues caused by Parkinsons Disease.

Mark is also interested in whiplash injuries, car and work ergonomics, whilst also being interested in musician injuries or aches and pains because of his musical background as a concert piano accompanist.

Mark completed his osteopathic training at Keele University and has worked as a structural osteopath in Staffordshire, Derby and West Yorkshire.


Freya Gilmore


Associate Osteopath

Special interests: Arthritis, Chronic pain Management, Pelvic Pain.

Freya holds a Masters of Osteopathy degree from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy having graduated in 2016 and for which she was a Student Ambassador.

Freya has moved up to Manchester and has a strong ethos in educating patients about their condition as an important step for their recovery.

With well over 1,000 hours of clinic experience at the BSO treating patients with a wide-range of with symptoms such as headaches, back pain and arthritis, Freya also took classes nutrition and treating pregnant women.